Word Explorer

I stumbled across an interesting podcast available from dictionary.com. Called the ‘Word Explorer, it’s not exactly ambient background sound for dinner parties but short, informative explanations of the meaning and origin of common words. Have a listen…you may enjoy it.

When they don’t get it

During the last municipal election there was a significant amount of chatter on the aprilroad.com discussion forum (no longer available) and a few incumbents were targeted for ridicule. All’s fair in love and war, right? Wrong, according to one of our city councillors. I sent emails to the election winners and losers inviting them to […]

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The Internet’s questionable citizenry

Wankers and weirdos abound on the Internet. That’s a common fact but it’s becoming increasing annoying how the media reacts to their existence such as the case with Eric Raymon Morneau. A front page banner in today’s newspaper declared “Facebook linked to child-luring”. Wrong! One slightly bent individual tried to pick up a 14 year […]

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