My New Top Ten Website

After much work, many hours of Photoshop, coding and general tweaks I’ve finally launched my newest web site I had the idea while creating the very same graphic layouts for The Province newspaper and, after witnessing the popularity of the image galleries, decided it might just work as a standalone website. Some of the […]

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Icky Pop

I was never an Iggy Pop fan. During his Stooges stint from 1968 to 1975 he was a non-event in my musical world. Even his collaborations with David Bowie (during their drug addictions and subsequent attempts to quit) left me wondering what The Thin White Duke was thinking. What the hell did anyone see in […]

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A brilliant commercial

Have a look at the following Johnnie Walker commercial, performed in one take by Robert Carlyle as he meanders down a country road telling the story of Scotland’s famed distiller. Why can’t all commercials be like this?