100 Reasons

Looking for 100 good reasons NOT to vote for the Liberals on May 14, 2013? Well look no further than I’m Laila Yuile, and This Is How I See It.

Ms. Yuile’s blog lists the various lies, deceptions and atrocities perpetrated by our present provincial government since their unfortunate rise to power.

I’m among the guilty that voted for these Liberal a-holes but times have changed and the list makes a disturbingly convincing case to change my allegiance and future voting habits.

Listed among the top 100 are Campbell’s Hawaiian drunk driving charge, self-administered huge pay raises for MLA’s and Gordon Campbell, medical services cutbacks, the Basi/Virk fiasco, BC Rail, the HST and a host of others you may have forgotten about. Our Provincial government is incompetent, corrupt and despicable.

And to prove it, visit Laila Yuile’s blog to view 100 Reasons Gordon Campbell must go.

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