Samera’s Art

I recently finished building a web site for the artist daughter of a fellow employee and was pleasantly surprised at the quality and maturity of her paintings. I’ve built a few web sites for visual artists over the years but none have impressed me as much as Samera’s work. Have a look at and […]

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Obama Visit

So U.S. President Barack Obama has come and gone. Our own Stephen Harper will never wash his right hand again. Let’s hope he’s a more favourable neighbour than that George Bush idiot. Good God he was an idiot, wasn’t he?

The Internet’s questionable citizenry

Wankers and weirdos abound on the Internet. That’s a common fact but it’s becoming increasing annoying how the media reacts to their existence such as the case with Eric Raymon Morneau. A front page banner in today’s newspaper declared “Facebook linked to child-luring”. Wrong! One slightly bent individual tried to pick up a 14 year […]

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City dirtbags

I stopped a thief from stealing a bicycle in downtown Vancouver today. He unhooked the back wheel (the only part tethered to the bike rack with a chain-lock) and casually strolled across Howe street with the bike, minus the back wheel, in one hand and a bag of greasy McDonalds food in the other. When […]

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