Why they lost the war

This probably explains how Germany managed to lose the war. Somehow they don’t look quite as imposing in mildly effeminate shorts, very silly socks and loudly coloured shirts while mincing about like complete idiots.

Obama Visit

So U.S. President Barack Obama has come and gone. Our own Stephen Harper will never wash his right hand again. Let’s hope he’s a more favourable neighbour than that George Bush idiot. Good God he was an idiot, wasn’t he?

The Internet’s questionable citizenry

Wankers and weirdos abound on the Internet. That’s a common fact but it’s becoming increasing annoying how the media reacts to their existence such as the case with Eric Raymon Morneau. A front page banner in today’s newspaper declared “Facebook linked to child-luring”. Wrong! One slightly bent individual tried to pick up a 14 year […]

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