For Rent

We’ve recently invested in a small 1 bedroom apartment in the heart of downtown Vancouver and officially begin the hunt for a good tenant. Our experience with renting has been quite good overall and we’re hoping to continue the streak with this new acquisition. The location is excellent, the building is new and it’s completely furnished including all appliances, cutlery, tv sets in the living room and bedroom, bedding and everything else required to make it a comfortable long or short term home.

Have a look at the video tour below or visit our spiffy website located at, and if you know someone that’s looking for a nice home in a fantastic location please drop me a line using the contact form link at the top of this page. And please ignore the music in the video. A friend at work viewed the video and noted that “the start of your video felt like the start of some crime drama. I was half expecting a gloomy-looking Al Pacino sitting at the kitchen table nursing a glass of scotch or something…” Ow! That one’s gonna leave a mark.

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