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Bitcoin LogoIn my continuing support of Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency, I continue with a short list of places, businesses and people that accept this new global currency.

Earning money is hard, spending it is easy, however if a currency can’t be spent, possessing it is useless. Times are changing for Bitcoin in this regard as it continues on its path of global acceptance. Though various governments and financial institutions may not be as accepting of this cresting wave of financial flexibility, others are embracing it with open, and very accepting arms.

So where does one spend bitcoins? To begin, I suggest you visit SpendBitcoins.ca (if you’re not in Canada, select your country at the top beside the logo) for a comprehensive list of products and services that will willingly accept your bitcoin rather than that boring fiat currency. At the time of this writing there are 517 products, 486 services, 96 shopping sites listed among the numerous categories. A good place to start but there’s much more out there.

Bitcoin is beginning its move from online to bricks-and-mortar shops and services, including retailers in Michigan, merchants in Vancouver and thousands of other businesses all over the world. But how do we find them? Good question.

Start with CoinMap, a fantastic project started by someone calling himself ‘stick’ on a Bitcoin forum at bitcointalk.org. View cities anywhere in the world and submit new retailers to the project yourself which, hopefully, will increase the map quality as more people (and businesses) become involved. Don’t ya just love this stuff?

There’s also a slick new way to spend your bitcoins in retail stores that don’t presently accept them. Buy a gift card on Gyft.com with your bitcoin, bring your card to the store and spend away. Easy huh?

But one of the most telling signs of Bitcoin’s acceptance is a recent advertisement on Facebook titled The First Bitcoin Resort. Yes, you can buy yourself a spiffy, new beachfront luxury apartment in north Cyprus using your bitcoins. But only until January 31, 2014.

If you’re not looking to buy, you can rent a cool apartment in Nice, France using your bitcoins.

The list of places to spend your bitcoins is growing daily, along with the value of the currency. Check out the value of Bitcoin, available a few years ago for mere pennies and now worth significantly more. Way, way more.

Oh, and by the way, I accept bitcoins too. My bitcoin address is on the right so feel free to send me money.

Any time.

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