Droning On and On

I’ve been doing some freelance video work over the last year and have been collecting the necessary equipment to improve the quality and hone my craft. One of those pieces of equipment is a Mavic Pro drone, which allows me to shoot great video, even 4K!

Learning to operate the drone is akin to learning to drive. It’s all about which button and lever to press and when not to press the wrong button and lever. Crashing my the expensive little toy is paramount and I’m extremely paranoid about putting it in a tree or crashing it into a wall. It looks easy but it’s actually quite difficult. I’ve lost sight of it a few times and had to use the ‘Return Home’ option as I had no idea where it was. Scary!

Have a look at my latest test piloting around the Port Moody and Burnaby area. It’s shot in the Barnet Marine Park, Ioco Village and along St. Johns Street. Check out the video quality produced by the tiny little camera on board this amazing little drone.


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